Ear Candle Treatment

Ear Candle treatment at Sachie Acupuncture

I have been making and supplying ear candles for professional and non-professional use for the last 12 years. I use organic bees wax for my candles, and for cost-efficiency I avoid fancy packaging.

Ear candles are used for treating sinus problems, tinnitus and some respiratory ailments such as breathing difficulties. Ear candling is also used to help remove ear wax. Some people think the ear wax is sucked up through the candle tube during treatment, but this is not true! What happens is that the wax becomes softer and falls out naturally over the next few days.

Many people use ear candles for meditation or stress relief. They are very good at relieving emotional disturbances and removing negative thoughts. For this treatment you imagine negative thoughts being sucked from your mind through the ear candle ‘chimney’. Your problems will rise from your heart to the other end of the ear candle, where the big flame will burn them away. I used this treatment on my child when he was little and it worked very well.

Too order ear candles please phone me on 03 377 5120 (mob. 021 100 2357) or email me at contact@sachieacupuncture.co.nz. Ear candles cost $10 per pair.

Ear candle treatment:

Use this procedure when treating another person. Please do not self-treat due to the risk of burning accidents. The ear candle produces a big flame which always needs to be carefully attended.

Before inserting the ear candle please check that the filter is in. The filter is placed at the end of the tube that is inserted into the ear and is essential because it protects against potential wax drips.

The person being treated should lie comfortably on his or her side. Cover the face with a cloth made of a natural fabric such as cotton before gently inserting the ear candle (lubricate the end with a small amount of cream to ease insertion). When lighting the ear candle, please take care not to drip beeswax.

Ear candling takes approximately twelve minutes per side. The ear candle should be carefully removed and extinguished in a container of water or sand. It is important to treat both ears to maintain the balance of the hemispheres. When treatment is complete place cotton wool in the ears to prolong the warming effect and to prevent chilling.

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