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To add your testimonial to this page, please fill in this form. Thank you. I must thank you Sachie for all your help and kindness to me with my chronic insomnia. Pleased to say I'm doing well. Joan 79    Having had an active and physical life through sport and my career as a builder, I have suffered many aches, pains, and injuries. My self-treatment was 'more hard work' and an acceptance of my pain as part of life. In mid 2013 I injured my back in a fall while mountain climbing. Time off work, doctors visits and physio did not alleviate the pain, so I turned to the internet for alternative treatment and decided to contact Sachie's acupuncture practice. After the first visit I noticed a reduction in pain, and after four visits there was no discomfort at all. Not only was I moving freely again,but other aches and pains were also absent. Sore neck, lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and aching calf muscles. Sachie also treated these problems for me , and gave me exercises to prevent future injuries. I am so grateful to Sachie, her sensitive caring, and genuine concern was evident in her professional manner. In fact, I am tempted to throw myself off another mountain, so that I can visit her again. Steve Brown    I really can't say enough positive things about Sachie - but as therapist and human being. I have had wonderful relief from my aches and pains - and a sense of being truly cared for by a beautiful person. Eugene Huston    I have just started attending Sachie’s clinic on a regular basis and I feel very priviledged to have been refuelled to her for assessment and treatment. Following diagnosis in 1988 with Fibromyalgia I have spent the years since then seeking out different types of treatment for the myriad of symptoms this condition presents, all with minimal success.In the ensuing years I have become unwell with several other conditions associated with Fibromyalgia and I have found Sachie’s holistic approach to be extremely positive and encouraging. She has given me a great insight into my health issues, where they may originate from, and following her treatments including Acupuncture, Shiatsu , Dietary advice , Relaxation Techniques and suggestions for appropriate exercise I have experienced considerable relief from the chronic pain and other symptoms suffered for over 25years. Sachie is an extremely knowledgeable, caring and sensitive person, thoroughly professional in her approach and has a very calming way of communicating which always leaves me feeling relaxed and peaceful both during the treatments and more importantly afterwards, enabling me to cope better in between appointments. I will continue to see Sachie regularly as she has a “tough task “ but I lookforward to a more positive time a head with her valuable, much appreciated help. I would recommend Sachie to...

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